While listening again to my recent Food Psych interview (which you can find below!),  I was inspired to write more about finding spiritual purpose in order to be able to heal from addiction and dis-ease. In my own experience, discovering and tapping into my Soul's essence helped to put my attachment to a physical appearance, size and weight into perspective and to be able to see the larger picture: my physical body is a earthly vehicle for my Spirit to do its work.

At the time many years ago,  this was a deeply healing and relieving realization that supported my recovery and allowed me to realize how important it is to take care of and to feed our physical selves in order to connect, communicate, serve and share our inner light from a grounded place. 


In yoga and spiritual practices, the word "dharma" implies that every soul is born into this lifetime with a specific and individual purpose, and it is our responsibility to fulfill that purpose in our lifetime. This concept may seem overwhelming and it is also beautifully profound. It is at the root of  healing.  

My invitation to you is to spend some time exploring your purpose,  what truly makes you feel like yourSELF,  what inspires you and makes you feel ALIVE! Give yourself permission to play and be curious. What better time than spring to birth new parts of ourself and dive deep!

Happy April!

Light and love,




AuthorAnastasia Nevin