We are officially in Kapha Season, the Ayurvedic Dosha associated with Late Winter/Early Spring. Kapha plays the role of the "Protector", governing bone structure, frame and muscle in our physical body.  Kapha dosha is comprised of the elements earth and water, which together make mud. So when we have too much Kapha energy we can feel stuck, heavy, lethargic, and congested.

Sound familiar? I certainly have some Kapha and can relate to feeling bogged down by the heaviness of winter and recent slower snow days here in NYC.

Here are a few simple tips for how to support your health in Kapha Season:

     1. GET UNSTUCK: Reduce your salt and dairy intake. When Kapha is out of balance we tend to retain more water and fluidsleading to bloating or edema. Out of balance Kapha can also manifest in developing allergies, sinus issues and congestion. If you suffer from congestion, try using a neti pot in the morning. You can also try taking trikatu, an Ayurvedic formula made of pepper and ginger on a teaspoon of honey twice a day to reduce congestion.

    2. EXPLORE TASTES: Eat foods that are PUNGENT, BITTER, and ASTRINGENT. According to Ayurveda, these are the 3 best tastes or "Rasas" for Kapha dosha. Think hot mustard seed, black pepper, arugula, brussel sprouts, radicchio, parsley, cilantro, legumes and green teas.

    3. GET SPICY: Winter is a good time of year to add a dash of cayenne pepper, ginger or your spice of choice to your cooking to spark up your energy. So spicy lovers, go ahead!

    4. OIL IT UP: Take your Vitamin D! For cooking use corn, almond and sunflower oil. Kapha skin tends to get dry, so you can practice self-massage or abhyanga, massaging your skin using sesame oil as a daily self-love practice. 

    5. MOVE YOUR BODY: Ayurveda encourages us to sleep a little less and rise a little earlier during Kapha Season, so get up early (ideally before 8 am). Get some cardio in or a dance class when you can!

To your health and a beautiful, nourishing month!


AuthorAnastasia Nevin