This week I took a yoga class in which the teacher asked us, while we were moving through a series of physical postures,  to find a place in our body that felt like "enough".  She then took this question a step further and asked us to consider how we can feel what is "enough" in our life off the mat.

I thought this question was a beautiful reminder to find gratitude in what we already have without constantly needing to fight and push for MORE.  In a physical yoga or asana practice, the practice of "enough" can show up as sometimes not taking a deeper variation such as a bind or an arm balance, and instead choosing to breathe into the vastness of a simple, expansive shape. 

On a personal note, asking myself to check in with this idea of "enough" has allowed me to practice offering up the idea that doing MORE is somehow linked to my self-worth. 

As we move into the darker months, gratitude as a spiritual practice keeps us closer to the light, inspiration, abundance of our life as it exists.  On days where I feel a bit all over the place, I try to write down three things I am grateful for each morning in my journal. Even this simple gesture helps keep me focused on the positive.

Today I am feeling grateful for the beauty of my home, the crisp air of fall, a day to simply rest at home, and a delicious slice of pumpkin pie I will be enjoying later tonight. What are you grateful for..?

AuthorAnastasia Nevin