A while back, when I was feeling a bit dark, a dear friend of mine suggested making a list of the "little things" that bring me joy, and to somehow connect to one thing from this list per day. Here are some of the items that landed on mine:

sunflowers, marigolds, chai tea, mini pumpkins, huge earrings, bright red lipstick, pastel-colored vespa, Savasana massage, dancing to Latin/Gypsy music 'til sunrise, Moroccan lanterns, Goddess candles, incense, warm turquoise ocean, sushi, backbending


Since then, I carry this list with me everywhere I go. It's a perfect and readily accessible reminder of the beauty and light we can tap into when we need a boost of inspiration. I invite you to make your own "little things" list without any filtering or judgment. You can use your creativity to make it your own through images, collage, music, etc.  This can be a great tool during recovery or simply during any challenging moments that arise.  Enjoy the process. 

Light and love,



AuthorAnastasia Nevin