Anastasia Nevin MS, RDN, CEDRD-S, RYT is a Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Therapist and Yoga Instructor who specializes in the relationship between body, food, and eating.  Anastasia’s approach is rooted in a non-diet, Health At Every Size, holistic understanding of recovery which incorporates body awareness, mindfulness and movement. She helps clients learn how to nourish themselves physically and spiritually.

Anastasia graduated from Stanford University with Honors in Psychology.  She went on to complete her Masters in Nutrition Education at Teacher’s College, Columbia University, and worked in both outpatient and eating disorder treatment program settings in NYC. Prior to opening her private practice, Anastasia was the Lead Nutritionist and Yoga Therapist at Monte Nido's EDTNY (Eating Disorder Treatment of New York).  

Anastasia offers one-on-one nutrition counseling, yoga therapy and healing integrative workshops. She uses her warmth as well as her own recovery from an eating disorder to lovingly challenge, support and empower clients to heal their own relationship to food.  She also teaches dynamic vinyasa flow classes at her beloved home studio Laughing Lotus Anastasia has received training in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda (India's holistic medicine system) & Restorative Yoga, and incorporates these body-centered healing practices into an trauma informed, integrative, therapeutic treatment philosophy.

Anastasia is the founder of Anastasia Health LLC, and she is actively engaged with IAEDP New York Chapter (International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals), the International Federation of Eating Disorder DietitiansThe Academy for Eating Disorders, Dietitians in Integrative & Functional Medicine and the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics (AND).   She has contributed to the website Recovery Warriors and wellness site Sonima. A California native, Anastasia moved to New York City over 10 years ago and has been in love since. Anastasia lives in Queens with her partner and toddler.


Isabelle Carren-Le Sauter MS, RD is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist whose goal is to help clients heal their relationship with food. Isabelle uses an intuitive eating, all-foods-fit, body positive approach to help clients rediscover and trust their internal cues to allow freedom and pleasure with food.

Isabelle received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Barnard College before earning her Master’s degree in Nutrition Education from Teacher’s College Columbia University. In addition to seeing clients through this practice, Isabelle is a dietitian at BALANCE eating disorder treatment center where she runs nutrition groups and meals at the intensive outpatient, day treatment, and outpatient levels of care.

Isabelle believes in the importance of rediscovering intuition through mindfulness and empowering clients to place their focus on overall health through one-on-one nutritional counseling, meal planning, and meal coaching and support. Isabelle is an active member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, IAEDP New York (International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals) and IFEDD (International Federation of Eating Disorder Dietitians).